• Apps: Batch Renaming Tool

    Rename a List of Files: – Providing Prefix – Increment – Suffix – Preview Results Before Operation – Safely Renaming by Creating Copies – Without Touching the Original Files Source Code

  • Dynamo | Room Location to Centre

  • Melbourne Suburbs’ Last 2 Decades in the Eyes of ABC News

    This is a small data collection project I did out of my curiosity of gaining a bit more understanding Melbourne suburbs’ locality from a data perspective. The project took news articles of the last 20 years of each suburb listed in the following, then consolidated all article contents and turned them into wordclouds based on word frequency of occurance. Althought negative news tend to make titles, but still this provides some interesting insights of what was/is going on in Melbourne in the last 2 decades.

  • Dynamo | 3D Section to Scope Box

    Python Ver. of Script from Revit Plugin Set 3D Section To Scope Box:

  • Dynamo | Advanced Family Rotation

    Recently I have been helping the Engineering Team create a parametric workflow for rail infrastructure using Dynamo. The nature of rail related projects are generally following certain rules and constraints, thus I found there are a lot of chances where repetitive tasks can be performed in batch via scripting. So today I was working on placing a series of overhead structures along the rail alignment, based on provided coordinates, i.e. XYZ, and very importantly, the orientation. In Native Dynamo Nodes, it only allows rotation of a placed family instance around its Internal Axis. But in reality, things are often more…

  • Revit API | Auto Dismiss Selected Revit Dialogues

    Today I was approached by my colleague asking if there is a way to stop Revit from showing up some dialogues, particularly the one that asks is the user would like walls to be attached to the modified floor/roof element. The story was that the Revit C4R model  they work on was partially messed by one inexperienced user who accidentally clicked on Yes for that “wall attachment” option without knowing it. They did not find out until days later and then it took the team a lot of time and effort to fix the model. So the aim for this…