Academic Project: City Centrum

The City Centrum aims at freedom of expression and also to free the evil of freedom by creating a space with multiple media devices for public use with any purpose, which enabled any individual to temporarily possess the similar power of influence as celebrities and politicians, via hosting their events and broadcasting their expression on a city scale. The life of the building is dependent on the life of each hosted event, that starts with the initial attracting media set through the media devices, and is maintained by effective absorption of participants, which will continuously amplify the event.

The analysis of Glass Video Gallery started by describing entrance/exit, exhibits, and physical boundary, and used the latter elements as basis to run a simulation of visitor movement and to speculate their potential behaviour, namely, crowd, physical path, visual focus, and occupied space.

The Glass Video Gallery was designed by Bernard Tschumi, in Groningen, Netherlands, which Tschumi attempted using to light up the surrounding urban spaces. His gallery was an event container, for exhibiting music videos, that attracts and absorbs the visiting participants, of which the process amplifies the event.

This experiment was a digitised demonstration of Bernard Tschumi’s understanding of architecture. Building serves as an envelope for hosting events, which in return defines the quality of architecture. On this point, architecture is no longer merely some static built space, the most definitive quality is determined by the interaction and mutual influence between space and users.