Penholder ElevenTT VR

Eleven Table Tennis VR is one of my favourite games on Oculus Quest 2 Platform. Having spent hundreds of hours in the game and absolutely enjoyed it! Hope this design makes a better experience for pen-hold players like myself 🙂

ElevenTT Official Website:

Table tennis racket adaptor for VR game Eleven Table Tennis on Oculus Quest 2

Specially designed for pen-hold players with room for Reverse Pen-hold Backhand

Variations of this design include Chinese Pen-hold and Japanese./Korean Pen-hold

Works with standard Quest 2 controller (variation for left controller displayed below)

虚拟实境VR乒乓球游戏Eleven Table Tennis的Quest 2拍件



拍件适用于标准Quest 2手柄,区分左右(下面模型为左手柄)

Personally I use this adaptor for left controller on my right hand

It gives better Thumb space comparing to the right controller version